Don’t use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice.



It didn’t take me long to stop reading my Twitter feed, on Sunday. Probably 90% of the Tweets were about the Orlando shootings, and I just couldn’t take it any more. It was just too sad. And the worst thing about it? I see so many comments posted that are ignoring the tragedy, and are whining about how “this incident will give Obama extra incentive to toughen gun laws”. And what would be wrong with that? The shooter makes me hope there is a hell, and he is sent to the hottest part.  And the apparent reason for it all? He saw two men kiss, and it made him mad.


Here, in a nutshell, is exactly what the problem is. I just don’t understand why anyone needs assault weapons. Except for the actual army. They just don’t have any peaceful purpose. But, if anyone tries to take them away, and make the world a safer place, OOH! we are infringing on their rights. Well, what about everyone else’s right to stay alive? When even being on a watch list does not prevent someone from owning a deadly weapon, what is the point? And why is it that those people who are most supportive of “gun rights”, and claim they need guns for protection never seem to be around to stop these fanatics?


Trump’s reaction to the incident, making it all about him, proves that he is a wacko, and not a good choice for President of a country.


The shooter, himself, didn’t even know who he wanted to be affiliated with.






A team of scientists has just developed a way to write information into the genetic code of living bacterial cells.


Amazing multicolored mountains in China.


I think this kid has a potential future career in comedy.


I’m not 100% sure that this is a legitimate news story.






“Hands off, bud”funny-gif-dog-protects-pregnant-woman




Who knew you can straighten out a pig’s tail?tumblr_o8raq0OUAj1rc7zl1o1_500






Well, I guess that’s one way to do it…


“Ole! this, motherfucker!”




Please tell me this is not the latest style.




I’m not saying that Macs are no good, but I just hate those people who act like they are the best thing that ever was. If you like your Mac, fine, use it, but I learned to use computers on a Windows machine, and I find nothing wrong with




Those of you who are younger may not be familiar with the movie “The Sound of Music”, and might not see the humor here.crazy-train












I have no idea where this is, but I’ll bet the landing is even more nerve wracking.tumblr_nya5fqEvLd1trd7tho1_r1_500






As much as I admire patriotism, this just seems like a dumb thing to do.


The first ever photo of a planet orbiting another star 1200 light years away has been captured.


Gorgeous 3D view of the star forming region S106.


The photos of Pluto that are coming back from New Horizons just keep getting more amazing. This latest view zooms in on the southeastern portion of Pluto’s great ice plains.








A stingy man has just moved to a new town, when he suddenly feels ill. He walks into a nearby doctor’s office, signs his name to the waiting list, and sits down waiting to be examined. He decides to find out a little about the doctor and asks the man sitting next to him if the doctor is a specialist. If so, of what. The man replies that the doctor specializes in everything. Our man thinks about this and is anxious. He asks the other man if the doctor’s fees are expensive. He replies, “Well, he is, and he isn’t. See? He charges you one thousand dollars for your first visit.” The man panics, “A thousand dollars?” “Yes, but all visits after that for the rest of your life are free!” Our man thinks about this. By the time the nurse calls his name to see the doctor, he has come up with a plan. The nurse takes him to an examining room, and tells him to undress, putting on an exam gown. When the doctor comes in, our man casually says, “Hi, Doc. Here I am again!” The doctor puts a stethoscope on the man’s chest, and listens a split second. He then tells our man, “You’re doing fine. Continue all instructions I gave you the last visit.” The doctor then turns and walks out.


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