Borrow money from a pessimist – they don’t expect it back



I know he lived most of his life before a lot of people were even born, but gee whiz, is it so hard to read an article or listen to a news report about him?


The last known photo taken of the man.


How do people with this weak of a grip on reality get a program where they can broadcast their insanity?


The same guy, apparently, that Trump quoted about there being no drought in California.


How much would you need a job, or need to be paid, to continue working for a guy who tells people you are “not so smart”?




My friends and I sometimes did some not so smart things, as kids, as I imagine every child does, but we never did anything really risky, like this. Parents might want to have a serious talk with their kids about it.


I wish I had so much money that I could waste it buying foolish things.


A huge hole in the ground has mysteriously appeared in Siberia, that appears to have erupted from within.


Awesome recreations of celebrities made from Barbie dolls. It must have been a lot of work to create “Farrah’s” smile.


If Johnny Depp is guilty of abusing Amber Heard, he is a jerk. But if this article is true (I am always suspicious of tabloid articles) it make me feel a lot better about my previous opinion of him. He just seemed way too mellow to be an abuser. I really had no opinion at all of Amber, since I had barely even heard of her.


So large scale beehive theft is now a thing. Due to the increasing shortage of bees.


This photographer captured a unique photo of a live fish inside of a jellyfish.


I don’t recall ever disagreeing with one of Mike Firesmith’s opinions, and this is no exception.


Mama plays with her pups.


Goats trapped in a bowl.


I would have thought that, even with two people on it, a bike could still outrun an elephant. And also be faster than running. Besides, leaving it behind also gives the elephant a potential outlet for its anger.daily_gifdump_1076_05


“Aw, come on, dude!”daily_gifdump_1075_14












Karma finds another phone obsessed “sports fan”.tumblr_o84u1r8F3f1sp8ng5o1_250




Let’s take some shots at Hillary, shall we?






Is she just psycho, or is she attracted to the wrong type of guy? Perhaps both. And I have to wonder why she knows these things.funny-141








If you absolutely must get a tattoo you should at least make sure the person doing it can spell properly.49-funny-pictures-1242


…and, maybe, choose something a bit shorter. I guess someone’s past didn’t include paying attention in school.







Was that something you really needed to share?download.jpeg





I have to respect this man. So far as I know, he is not an asshole towards anyone who doesn’t deserve it, nor does he involve himself in anyone else’s business. As well as being a wizard on the guitar. Nothing really flashy, just good old rock and roll.tumblr_o8bso9MN6N1v5410po1_400 tumblr_o8bso9MN6N1v5410po2_400


I would love to know the thought process (or lack of one?) behind this look.tumblr_o8dcxeIVCh1qzx3jto3_500














Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


Bigfoot terrarium.Bigfoot Terrarium


Book fountain in Budapest.Book fountain in Budapest.








Hey, girls, this also describes me.tumblr_o8dmpdvBeX1rq1pj8o1_500


Did you read that, Emily? Emily Ratajkowski gives me a party in my pants.


…and makes me wonder if she likes older men. Think about it, Emily. tumblr_nxn72mUcA81uu2if6o1_500


Is someone trying to make “regular” women feel bad? Sure, these two look amazing, but some women just naturally have slim figures. I recently saw a photo Candice Swanepoel posted of herself, nude, (from the side) with a baby bump. She looked somewhat odd, with the extremely skinny body and the huge belly.tumblr_o8dvl0K4Pp1rq1pj8o1_500




Luxembourg has announced that it is planning to draft legislation regarding the mining of asteroids.


Photographer takes his son’s thirst for knowledge and his love of outer space, and turns them into a project.


Awesome “fly over” video of Pluto shows its varied terrain.


Astronauts have made their first visit inside the new BEAM inflated structure attached to the ISS.


I had also seen this Tweet of Greta’s, and thought that someone of her stature in the news community should have been better informed. As should the many who, like her, are woefully uneducated in wonders like the amazing science gained at Pluto. I am glad that Phil chose too enlighten her.


I had always heard that running an engine without at least an exhaust header, to create a bit of back pressure, was not a good thing to do. But I assume these guys know what they are doing. Aside from that, I was not aware that Ford ever made an 1100 cubic inch displacement engine. They were the engine that powered the Sherman tank.


1963 Chrysler as a rally car?


Swamp buggies from the 1950’s.


This guy kept missing his exit on the freeway, so, rather than just learning the mileage, and paying attention, he went to the complete extreme.  And, despite the highway department having no record of the work being ordered or completed, he was so good at his job that the vandalism was left up for years.


Norway plans to ban the sales of non-electric vehicles by 2025.


This is why you (a Senior?) should listen to your Doctors instructions. I went to my nearby CVS Pharmacy, straight to the back, where the Pharmacists’ high counter is located. I took out my little brown bottle, along with a teaspoon, and set them up on the counter. The Pharmacist came over, smiled, and asked if he could help me. I said, “Yes! Could you please taste this for me?” Seeing a senior citizen, the Pharmacist went along. He took the spoon, put a tiny bit of the liquid on it, put it on his tongue and swilled it around. Then, with a stomach-churning look on his face, he spat it out on the floor and began coughing. When he finally was finished, I looked him right in the eye and asked, “Now, does that taste sweet to you?” The Pharmacist, shaking his head back and forth with a venomous look in his eyes yelled, “HELL NO!!!” I said, “Oh, thank God! That’s a real relief! My doctor told me to have a Pharmacist check my urine for sugar!” I can never go back to that CVS, but I really don’t care, because they aren’t very friendly there anymore! 


The young mom was almost crazy with her three young kids.  She complained to her best friend, “They’re driving me nuts!!  Such pests. They give me no rest and I’m half way to the funny farm.”  “What you need is a playpen to separate the kids from yourself,” her friend said.  So she bought a playpen A few days later, her friend called to ask how things were going.  “Superb!  I can’t believe it,” the young mother said.  “I get in that pen with a good book, a chocolate bar, and the kids don’t bother me for hours!”


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