A man goes to a zoo. There is only one animal there, a dog. It’s a shitzu.



“Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?” was my latest question. Yes, by all means, go ahead. After all, my content, except for the opinions, all originally came from other sites.


Last time, I ranted about sites posting upskirt photos. But how are we going to get regular people to stop it, when the top fashion sites use an upskirt photo as part of their advertising campaign? At least there was sufficient outrage regarding it. Which probably just served as more advertising for them.


And I got a few people mad with my Beyoncé putdowns. Listen, I don’t believe I ever said she was not a good role model for young Black women. I said I don’t care at all for her new album. And I wondered about what it was about her that caused her supposedly loving husband to stray. If there is no negative Beyoncé content in this issue, it is not because of the complaints. It is that I didn’t find any. Meanwhile, let me just say that I am glad I don’t see “Lemonade” being hyped everywhere, anymore, without a break.


Saying that Beyoncé fans may not be the smartest people on Earth might get me into even more trouble, but the logic of this decision escapes me.


There are a lot of people out there that make you shake your head.


The really tragic thing is that there are probably a lot of people that are frothing at the mouth over this opportunity.


As evidenced by the outrageous bids that have been placed. One can only hope that these high prices are merely driven by a motive of future profit, and not a desire to own the weapon due to its history. Either one is still sickening. I read on Saturday that this second auction was also shut down, and that prescription drug asshole Martin Shkreli has announced that he is interested in purchasing the gun.


Interesting article about how a lot of political and military experts believed, at the time, that dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was not necessary.


As if sharing doing nothing wasn’t already too popular.


Because there is something wrong with the World when you can make more money as an Instagram model than as a lawyer. Or was the lower wage as a model made up for by the boost to her ego? Or, perhaps, she wasn’t a very good lawyer…






I don’t need to say anything, here, do I?



I have long considered high heels a form of torture, and can’t understand why women would willingly wear something that permanently deforms their feet, as well as being painful to wear for more than a very short time. For a business or institution to make wearing them mandatory seems totally wrong.


High heels are also dangerous.


Eric Clapton has released a new album.


Giggle, giggle.


If this article is correct, this is one of the ways that Apple became so profitable. Even though Apple was not responsible for, and likely did not even know about, the conditions these workers were subjected to.


I would have thought this product would have had more interest. Perhaps it will, as time goes on.


Infrared radiation can improve the taste of whiskey.


I didn’t have the sound on, so it might have said, but, since the video was posted by Accu Weather, I assume it was shot by professional storm chasers. Which I would never be.


How committed to your emotional roleplay are you?


Do not leave sugarless gum, sugar-free candy, breath mints, cough syrup, chewable vitamins, mouthwash and toothpaste where your dog might get at it and eat it. This artificial sweetener is in nearly everything.


By the same token, if you are a human, don’t eat dog food, even if it looks like human food, and was prepared by an upscale hotel.


This dog ran away from home to go see his friends.


“What? I meant to do that.”





















I found this just in time to use it in an argument. And it worked.





I wonder if he still lives with 2 girls.tmp4_aa-1-e1462841273899






You have to give credit to someone who moves to North America, and learns to speak the language. Especially when a lot of people who were born here can’t do it properly.tumblr_o71526fwqj1qfd5a4o1_1280




A lot of people disagree with me about Bill Cosby’s guilt, so they likely wouldn’t find this funny. I guess I don’t necessarily find it funny, either, but more of a humorous commentary.




A very unfortunate coincidence.images_that_will_make_you_look_twice_640_01







Something Trump, and others, seem to conveniently overlook. It wasn’t that long ago that other immigrants, like Italians, were treated badly, and looked upon as undesirable, when they immigrated to America. So much for it being “The Melting Pot”


Would Trump let her get away with this if she wasn’t his daughter? Or would he think she made a good business decision?





“Fuck the passengers. No time to stop.” Looks like he rides this train a lot.tumblr_o738aghtsk1qzx3jto4_400








A large hailstorm in Colorado last week.
Colorado hailstorm


How it looked inside the storm, on the ground.


Þrídrangar Lighthouse in the Vestmannaeyjar Islands off Iceland’s South Coast. The lighthouse is located on the highest of the three rocks, which is called Háidrangur. Þrídrangar translates as “three rocks” in English.


Evidence of just how dangerous living in space is.


I don’t know why some sites on Tumblr won’t allow others to reblog their posts. It is frustrating when something is interesting, and you want to share with your readers. Let’s try this:


A transit of Mercury across the Sun only happens a dozen times in a century. Seeing the ISS also transit the Sun during a Mercury transit is even rarer. Mercury is the black dot in the lower center of the Sun’s disk. Taken by photographer Thierry Legault, who is especially talented at this type of capture.


It would be great if the Sox and Martin racer was put back on the racing circuit, but it will likely end up in a museum. Which is just as well.


Cool 1936 Dodge pickup.


Oh, MAN! That is a gorgeous automobile!


Nice restoration on a 1968 GMC pickup that had been left for dead in a field.


You know your designers have done a good job when your new sports car looks like it is going fast while parked.


Power and luxury in the same package.


Ah, good, old fashioned affordable muscle cars!


I concur.funny_pictures_of_the_day_3


I would love to own this truck. Especially since that hood scoop seems to indicate there is a serious powerplant lurking below..Radass-Daily-Picdump-Photos-035


I don’t know what it’s going to take to get it through this guy’s thick head about off-roading. This is the same guy who posted the “big truck =little dick” comment, a while ago. This time, he posted the pic, below, with the caption “Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time”. After I explained to him about how solid axles behave on uneven terrain, and the purpose of aftermarket suspensions in keeping the tires in contact with the ground, he replied that “it looks like a piece of rebar is sticking through the rim” Yeah, because rebar grows wild in a lot of places. No, dipshit, if you zoom in, you will see that it is probably just a stem or root that was pushed aside by the tire. And, under zoom, it doesn’t even look as if it is touching the wheel. JEEZ! THERE ISN’T ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS TRUCK! The tires are at the odd angles due to the solid axles and the uneven terrain the truck is sitting on. They are supposed to do that.

Then, later that day, two comments supporting my opinion were posted. A little later, the site owner made this statement: “Once again I’ve shown my ignorance”.








Not as much as cracking your head open, though, eh?tumblr_o6zbhgVKXv1qjnhqgo1_400


The old man had died, and a wonderful funeral was in progress. The old country preacher talked at great length of the good traits of the deceased, what an honest man he was, what a loving husband and kind father he had been. The widow, meanwhile, was ever so slightly shaking her head, as she intently listened to the preacher’s words. Finally, the widow leaned over and whispered to one of her children, “Erica, honey, go on up there and take a look in the coffin and see if that’s your Pa in there.”

A US Air Force C-141 was scheduled to leave Thule Air Base, Greenland, at midnight during a winter month. During the pilot’s pre-flight check, he discovers that the latrine holding tank is still full from the last flight. A message is sent to the base, and an airman who was off duty is called out to take care of it. The young man finally gets to the air base, makes his way to the aircraft, only to find that the latrine pump truck has been left outdoors, and is frozen solid, so he must find another one in the hangar, which takes even more time. He returns to the aircraft, and is less-than-enthusiastic about what he has to do. Nevertheless, he goes about the pumping job, deliberately and carefully, (and slowly), so as not to risk criticism later. As he’s leaving the plane, the pilot stops him and says, “Son, your attitude and performance has caused this flight to be late. I’m going to personally see to it that you are not just reprimanded, but punished.” Shivering in the cold, his task finished, he takes a deep breath, stands tall and says, “Sir, with all due respect, I’m not your son; I’m an Airman in the United States Air Force. I’ve been in Thule, Greenland for 11 months without any leave, and reindeers are beginning to look pretty good to me. I have one stripe, it is 2:30 in the morning, the temperature is 40º below zero, and my job here is to pump shit out of an aircraft! “Now, just exactly what form of punishment did you have in mind?”


Thanks for visiting. Anything you do, or do not like? Something you would like to see? I do not claim to own the photos posted here. If you see your property here, and want it removed, or if you just have something to say, contact me via the comments section. If you liked what you found, here, please tell your friends. You might also want to check out my Tumblr page, http://rodzilla-world.tumblr.com/ I post similar content, there, but with less ranting.

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