Today I’m celebrating thirty days sober. Not consecutively, but here and there, over the years. And I’m estimating.



I have to respect this decision, even though I would be pissed if I had tickets to the concert.


Bryan Adams is fighting a similar fight.


Even online porn site X-Hamster is tired of the double standard.


And the threat is very real. People who might normally remain uninvolved are taking up the fight, since it could affect their favorite forms of entertainment.


Well, I appear to be in good rock star company, as Axl Rose has also broken his foot. Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl stepped up, and loaned Axl the guitar throne he had built after he broke his own leg.


Tom Petty has reunited with his first band, Mudcrutch, and they have a new album written. A tour could begin as early as May.


I have heard many musical artists say, many times, that induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is no big deal. Steve Miller recently also spoke out against the Hall’s management. If what he says is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, a lot of things, there, need to change. They need to remember that the Hall is about the artists who keep us entertained.


As with pretty much everything else, Jaden Smith also dances like an asshole. Or was he actually having a seizure? Here he is, caught on the audience cam at the recent MTV Music Awards.


Even though I don’t consider twerking actual dancing, and think it looks stupid, what someone does on vacation is their own business, and has no bearing on their abilities at work. Besides, I’ll bet that if the history of the school board members was fully known, there would be a few ghosts in those closets as well.


Looking for something different to do, on your next vacation, that won’t upset your school board? How about riding a cow in the Swiss Alps?


How to NOT make friends. Jealous enough to assault a woman because she asked another celebrity for an autograph? Very lame, Vince.


Most red blooded males would consider a date with Erin Heatherton as a gift from Heaven, but fashion executives are still able to find what they believe are flaws in her appearance. It makes me wonder if this obsession with unnatural perfection will ever run its course.


Good grief! Has Charlie Sheen finally officially gone insane?


So many people could easily elude the law if they would simply think clearly about whether what they are doing might appear suspicious.


Not real surprising that this happened in Florida. They seem to have cornered the market on weird. “ALIENS


Their next of kin must be so proud…


If you need to hear the ambient noise of a café to help you concentrate, you have been spending way too much time in cafes. And not nearly enough time actually concentrating.


Be very careful when choosing a security camera. The wrong one could actually reduce your security.


I was very surprised to learn that Samoans have one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. This is mainly due to unhealthy food products which have been imported into the country since it became modernized.


Coming soon, to a supermarket near you: fake shrimp, made from algae, that has never seen an ocean, and doesn’t require slave labor to make it profitable.


Some fans of professional baseball are sick and twisted people.


I never really developed a cigarette smoking habit, and I have to thank my parents for preventing that from happening. Especially since I learned about “Fire Safe Cigarettes”, which have rings of what is basically carpet glue in them, to theoretically extinguish themselves if left burning. If people continue to smoke, even though the taste is terrible, that proves the habit is really an addiction, and very bad for them.


In what sick, screwed up, world is a sexual relationship between a woman and her son NOT incest? Being separated for 30 years does NOT erase genetics. If karma is a  real thing, these two will end up siring a child, and it will be retarded or otherwise genetically impaired.


I suppose digitally editing the photos in your catalog, magazine, or other publications might be less costly than shooting a specific image, as you imagine it, but that plan might backfire, if your Photoshop artist isn’t professional enough. Or, perhaps, you don’t really care if a few people notice a couple of mistakes.


Not knowing, or caring, if what you are portraying is visually correct, can also lead to confusion. The nurse/model’s finger positions, in the image, below, indicate that this is an injection, but the needle’s position (if there actually is a needle attached to the syringe) is the location for drawing blood from a large vein.  Vaccine and medication injections are typically injected into major muscle groups like the deltoid. Of course, the medical staff in charge of your injection would know better, but what about the elderly person who saw this photo attached to an article about the importance of them getting an influenza vaccination, as was recently published in The Telegraph, but, then, in the hospital, had the nurse attempt to give the injection in a completely different place?
flu shot


Then, there is the neophyte who might be led to believe that this image illustrates the proper way to hold a soldering iron. That’s right, by the metal tip which gets hot enough to melt solder.


And, finally, it doesn’t really matter that the supposed chemical symbols on this credit card are just random letters placed next to lines. Unless you are a chemist, of course, and realize that this is the equivalent of that cheap tattoo parlor giving you what they say reads “Hard life rebel”, in Chinese, but actually translates as “steamed rice with vegetables”.


And, while we are discussing easily avoidable errors, newspapers should start proofreading better, so as to avoid grossing out their readers.


If your child likes to draw, and has presented you with an especially cute image, you can preserve it, forever, as a piece of jewellery.


This new mom does skateboard tricks as she pushes her child’s stroller.


Finding out that former Mythbuster Adam Savage was involved in the creation of this machine only made it seem slightly less silly. I guess I am taking it much too seriously.


The U.S. Navy’s new destroyers may be too stealthy for their own good. And the good of other vessels around them.


Wild tiger populations are slowly increasing, after decades of decline. Perhaps humans can prevent them from becoming extinct, after all.–3


April 11th was National Pet Day. Did you give your pet an extra treat, or do something else special, for them, that day?


When this man’s pet fish died, he decided to give it a Viking funeral.


“Hockey playing” dachshunds.


“Mo-om, there’s nothing to do, and it’s sooo boring!”Radass-Daily-viral-pics-007-1




Even though daytime temperatures have been getting as high as the mid teens, celcius, here, in Edmonton, there are still plenty of remnants of winter left. A gusting wind produced this wall of ice along the Ma-Me-O Beach shoreline about 100 km south of the city. Photo by Jason Franson/Canadian Press


“Hey, no problem, Kaitlyn! Our staff has absolutely nothing better to do than throw away your garbage for you!” Not to mention that there is likely a clearly marked waste receptacle within 50 feet of here, if she had only had the strength to hold on to the cup for a few more minutes.


She looks like she could be named Kaitlyn. I have to wonder what she had on her eyelashes, or what they were made from, that caused them to burn for so long?


This seems like an incredibly foolish thing to do.anigif_enhanced-13136-1433359345-30








I decided I’m going to try to be a little easier on the younger generation, in my remarks, here. There are lots of smart, ambitious, polite teens out there. They just don’t usually get any attention. And there are also a lot of cruel, lazy, stupid adults walking around. Still:untitled




…with apologies to all lesbians.4845914c529a1ebfa8b7-e1433430611875




How high does someone have to be, to choose tweezers as their preferred weapon in a fight?j,y


One of that era’s classic releases.tumblr_neu6p1b2jo1snb6qwo2_r1_1280











A frog carved from a piece of agate.


Isn’t a statement on a product’s packaging a bit of a guarantee?


I was curious enough to confirm that this was not a real screen shot. It is no longer the Google definition, anyway, if it ever was. I suppose it was originally meant to be a joke, for those people who never investigate anything.



I greatly prefer the “before”. The “after” is too much of a generic, cookie cutter look that is so popular today, for some reason. And so obviously fake. No one actually looks like that, naturally.


WOW! If this photo is not faked, her balance is very impressive.


EW! If that is what I think it is, a urinal trough, someone needs to stop drinking, immediately, and forever.tumblr_o5e8p0jtB51qjnhqgo1_500


Oh, come on! Does anyone who sees this picture actually believe that was going to work? Even if he does manage to get it in the door, it is longer than the vehicle is wide.tumblr_o53tn9RUtw1r868elo1_1280


If there is anyone in your life who absolutely must be taught a lesson.evil to


I found some kindred spirits in my distaste for everything




Acoustic listening devices developed for the Dutch army as part of air defense systems research between WWI and WWII. Imagine wearing one of them for 8 or 10 hours per day. Especially at the coast, where there are seagulls. SQUAWK!!!








In the Bleachers




Four volcanoes — Herbert, Carlisle, Cleveland, and Tana — seen from space. They are located on the Islands of the Four Mountains, a section of the Aleutian archipelago in the north Pacific Ocean southwest of Alaska.


National Geographic Your Shot member Victoria Komarevych shared this gorgeous photo of Chamarel Falls as it cascades more than 300 feet into a lush gorge. The falls are located on Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.


Melting sea ice, caused by global warming, has changed the actual balance of the Earth.


Reusable rockets will make space flight cheaper, and, thus, easier for more companies to accomplish.


And you have to love the spin executives put on failures. “rapid unscheduled disassembly events”. This article gives a more detailed explanation of the controlled rocket landing, and why it is so difficult to complete successfully.


Astronomers at the ALMA observatory in Chile are currently witnessing the birth of a new galaxy.


Seeing this, I imagined how the Cassini team, here, on Earth, reacted to the very first photos its explorer was sending home. It must have been a very exciting time. They must be very sorry that the mission is coming to an end.


If you hear, or read, any reports of the existence of “Planet 9” being confirmed by anomalies in the orbit of the Cassini spacecraft around Saturn, you can just ignore them. NASA says it is simply not true.


There was no explanation provided of what this image was supposed to represent, but I liked it, so decided to share. Let’s just call it futuristic sci-fi.


How to really impress other drivers with your new muscle car.


If you were thinking of purchasing one of the new Drag Pak Challenger factory race cars, you have waited too long. All 60 examples that had been made have been sold.


One would expect Mercedes shareholders to be fairly civilized. Not necessarily.


In 1968, Oldsmobile grafted the engine and front wheel drive train from their Toronado into a 4-4-2, and called it a Fournado. Only one was ever made.














A concept for the 2020 Ford Bronco.






(From “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”)

Mr. Panch: Your word is COW.
Speller: Can I have a definition please?
Mr. Panch: Yes. It means cow.
Speller: Can you use it in a sentence?
Mr. Panch: Yes. “Please spell COW.”


A dad and his daughter are having an argument. The daughter gets really frustrated with the situation and goes to leave the room. When she reaches the doorway, she turns around and blurts out, “AND BY THE WAY, JIM MORRISON WAS OVERRATED!” Her dad yells back, “HEY! WHAT’D I TELL YOU ABOUT SLAMMING THE DOORS???”


Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson posed naked in the shower for a campaign aimed at saving water in drought-stricken California. And as a bonus, it also reminded people to recycle plastic.

Seth Meyers


The social studies teacher had just finished a unit on war and peace. “How many of you,” he asked, “would say you’re opposed to war?” Not surprisingly, all hands went up. The teacher asked, “who’ll give us the reason for being opposed to war?” A large, bored-looking boy in the back of the room raised his hand. “Johnny?” The teacher said. “I hate war,” Johnny said, “because wars make history, and I hate history.”


A woman is in the hospital in a coma, and the husband is in the waiting room. The doctor comes out and tells the husband every time he gets near her crotch, her heart rate increases, and tells the husband he believes oral sex will bring her out of the coma. The husband enters the room. Shortly after, the doctor hears a flat line and rushes into the room, asking what happened. The husband replies, “I don’t know, Doc. I think she choked.”


A husband and wife were at a party chatting with some friends when the subject of marriage counseling came up. “Oh, we’ll never need that. My husband and I have a great relationship,” the wife explained. “He was a communications major in college and I majored in the arts. He communicates real well and I act like I’m listening.”


I was chatting online with a really cute 16 year old girl, when she told me she was a police officer. How cool is that for someone her age?


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